When you have no desire to be involved … you place a ban!

But, if you are aware of the human psychology … is likely to achieve precisely the opposite effect!

Recently, at the swimming pool in which I spend my mornings, daily, I saw a surprise announcement:

“We would like to inform swimmers that from now on the use of during shower shampoo is prohibited! The subsidy to the municipality from the state budget has been stopped and this results in lack of resources! … ”

My thoughts immediately focused on the word “prohibited” and went on the associative effects of identifying offenders, creating a center of attraction for younger age groups to revolt, reactions, etc.

Soon, I heard that a few old ladies were trying to oppose to this, by collecting signatures so as to stop this “unacceptable ban”! Probably some of these ladies, were not even using the shower after swimming, since they were arriving and leaving the pool with their bathrobe on (they are living right next to the pool), but after this ban, they became avid users of the showers!

Considering only one of the components of human psychology, it is enough to remember how Ioannis Kapodistrias, used this human psychology component in order to introduce potatoes to the newly created Greek state at 14. January 1828.

As he was a statesman who was using his intelligence (one of the few, so far), he considered that the first parameter needed was not to share for free with the people of the ruined Greece, because nobody will condescend, believing that it is extremely small value!

So, using the techniques of Frederick the Great of Prussia and Parmant from France, he ordered the potatoes to be unloaded at the public docks of Nafplion strongly guarded. This aroused the interest of the Greeks, who thought: “If these are guarded then the value should be high” … and with excellent virtuosity they discovered ways to steal sacks. The guards (at the behest of the governor of Greece), pretend that they did not see what was happening, until the docks were emptied and thus the nutrient potato which Kapodistrias cleverly introduced, became a national product.
In the case of the pool, it is certain that the ban would bring uncontrollable effects, such that we bring to our mind every time we try to see what went wrong in Greece and dissolved everything. What went wrong and disappeared productive activity, while there are ideas and Greeks never stopped striving!

Of course there are many other determinants that affect in an incredible manner the human behavior. Individuals or members of the same groups, with different social roles each time.

I just wonder what would happen if the statement wrote:
“Dear swimmers, every day we observe your love for swimming, and knowing that you could contribute for our pool to stay open during the difficult times we are going through, I invite you to share ideas that will lead to solutions!
Saturday at 11:00, please everybody be here …
The Mayor … ”

and after that an honest meeting was held through which each swimmer would face the impact of every act. Then an explanation of the economic weakness due to the withdrawal of the subsidy to the municipality of the state budget would follow and a reference to all the pools which, for the same reasons, are already closed, as well as an analytical approach to the contribution of swimmers…
I wonder… is there any swimmer who would not listen?

A swimmer who would be informed that the cost of energy for heating is about € 1.500, – per day with the current operation, but if all should agree, and the water temperature instead of 25,5 ° C would change to 24, 5 ° C, this would create savings of about € 300, – per day, along with the reduce of hot water usage in the locker rooms, which would save about € 250, – daily … and this would mean that the pool would stay open … how would they react?

However, this is not about the swimming pool.
Everything is around us.

Has anyone connected the dots between the so called solidarity of providing tickets for multiple routes for the public transport passengers coming in, with the consequences: new auditors’ hires, lack of resources for the non-profitable lines, route removals, new taxes, pensions cutting, etc. ?
What citizen would continue such tactics? Awareness, costs less out of pocket money Greeks and it has a special need for this, especially today.

Returning to the subject … we need real leaders, people who think and have vision for Greece and certainly not teaching Harvard: “how to destroy the structure of a country!”

Finally, I wonder if a Greek prime minister, at the beginning of his term, voluntarily invited an independent internationally recognized financial institution, for him and all his ministers, to be checked, recording and publicizing their whole property, and during his tenure at the end of each year did the same again, wouldn’t that be an honest and sincere expression of “I love my country, I respect people and I really want to offer?”

If at any time, the disclosure of human corruption issues regarding the government, led the Prime Minister to scrap the immunity of the person involved and dismiss him until he was able to clean his name (with speedy legal procedures), with a forced apology or a public remedy … wouldn’t that lead to the motivation and insipiration of the public so as to give their maximum during our new start?

It is the time to reach out to people with a humane approach!

We need to find ways to inspire those who we seek to motivate! Only then will we achieve real results!

Constantinos Mitropapas

(Published in the magazine Autospecialist, November – December 2012)