Organization of high standard sports
and entertainment events

Diaplous s.s.d.a. Ltd, after 17 years of successful growth in providing comprehensive and high-quality consulting services, educational programs and certifications, created, in 2014, the brand TRIMORE and developed the service of Premium Sport Events Organizing.

The company’s philosophy is to design and conduct unique, cutting-edge multi-sports and entertainment events, with supreme organization, security, spectacle, innovation, inventiveness and amenities, meant to be a celebration of sport, an opportunity to develop tourism and an expression of Greek business towards both he the national and international community, and putting forward social responsibility as a legacy for future generations.

Through TRIMORE Multisports TOUR, we design and carry out a series of Premium Multisports Events in touristic sites, selected for their outstanding beauty. Each one of these events is a rich experience of sports, entertainment, and culture for the whole family-group of participants, contributing to the tourist development of the country, and at the same time highlighting sporting values for the new generation, but also older athletes and participants of all levels.

Today, TRIMORE is also XTERRA Greece and ISOMAN Hellas, having already received numerous awards, distinctions and recognitions in Greece and abroad, as a thematic – sports tourism organization, directed to all ages and levels of athletes, and also having carried through 15 highly successful events in exceptional regions of Greece, which form TRIMORE Multisports TOUR: Nafplio, Syros , Halkidiki, Vouliagmeni, Hydra, Varkiza, Xanthi, Kastoria, Rethymno.

Under the motto TR(I) MORE (Trying more) – LIVE MORE (living longer) & BEING MORE (overcoming yourself) we impulse professional and amateur athletes of all levels as well as the general public (parents and children), to participate in the rich program of sports and cultural activities offered in each event, built and planned every time with love, passion and dedication , in order to live memorable and enjoyable experiences capable of creating a bond between each participant and both the site where the event takes place, and the sport and athletic disciplines.


We started in 2014 by designing the Nafplio Triathlon of 2015, we continued in 2016 with the Syros Triathlon, and, in 2017, obtained representation in Greece of the international event XTERRA Worldwide Off Road Triathlon Championship. Since then, XTERRA Greece has held a series of events in Greece, under the recognized brand XTERRA. We organize the only Off-Road Triathlon race in Greece, and a qualifier for the XTERRA World Championship, as well as the big open water swimming meeting XTERRA Open Water Swimming Challenge.

In November 2018, we designed and realized Greece’s first SwimRun race in Hydra.

At the end of 2018, we obtained representation of ISOMAN Triathlon Equalized in our country, and we organized, first in Kastoria and later in Rethymno, -including exceptional multi-day events -, the first Sprint ISOMAN races.